Friday 19 February 2010

Bridesmaid adventures continue...

Tomorrow I head off to The National Wedding Show with Future Bride and Bestie. I have read The Bridesmaid's Guerilla Handbook and I sort of feel ready, well after my last blog 'Being a bridesmaid'.

We know that Future Bride is not wearing traditional white as well let's face it she's had two children so we're not really fooling anybody. They have decided against a church wedding and are looking for a venue to host the big day.

We will be heading to the show with our very own little Wedding organiser that we made, although I had been thinking about getting a filofax just for wedding preparations :-)

I found this cute wedding stationary idea whilst browsing Confetti the other day but it's pretty expensive unfortunately :-(

I'll let you know how we get on at the show, we have Bestie's 25th birthday party in the evening so all round it will be a fab day!

But for all you romantics I thought I'd post my favourite proposal scene. It's from Grey's Anatomy. Enjoy!

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