Thursday 25 February 2010

Wedding Show and Champagne

The National Wedding Show provided me, Future bride and Bestie with all the wedding help we needed without the rude and unhelpfulness that we had found on previous wedding shopping trips.

I think we enjoyed anywhere that offered you champagne whilst you had a look around, and before you ask we were not drunk! Merry maybe...

When we had met up with Future bride she had news... BIG NEWS... they had found and booked a venue! So they now officially had a date and although still needing to work on the details they would be sending a "Save the Date" invite, I was extremely excited. 

We tried many different cakes and marvelled at how well decorated and inventive some of them where. Some were just plain weird, and a little bit too in your face than what Future bride wanted. But still tasting cakes is not such a chore is it? (Psst I said to Future bride I'll help taste test the food selections for the big day and the wine of course).

Then of course there were the dresses... thousands of them and if it wasn't dresses it was shoes, veils, handbags, flowers, trains (no not the choo choo type!) etc. And there amongst all the dresses we found it, yes Future bride found her dress. It's absolutely gorgeous and myself and Bestie burst into tears seeing her in it and at first she thought it was terrible and that was why we were crying. Completely the opposite. 

Whilst Future bride put in her order for her dress, veil and shoes (see how good were we at shopping!!!) we had been sent to have a look at bridesmaid dresses. We have two young bridesmaid dresses to get and we found lots of gorgeous designs and all seemed to go on a fairy theme. We don't need to worry about these dresses for a while as they will grow out of them too quick! As for adult bridesmaids we were in luck, although we were lost in a maze of every style imaginable. The staff were helpful and friendly as they were all day at the show and again we were offered more champagne!

Bestie and I didn't make any final decisions on our dresses and Future bride didn't seem to find any that she really liked, after all it's her final say on what we wear. Watching the dresses on the catwalk we somehow got invited to the London Fashion Week event for the following day (Sunday). We must have really looked like we knew our fashion!

A good day and everyone seems surprised that we've got THE dress. Everything else should be easy from now on...

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