Thursday 9 June 2011


I've blogged before about my bubbly personality but this week I've realised how insecure I can get. This training course has tested me, not only for being away from home but I hate team building exercises. Well no that's wrong... I hate the thought of doing those exercises, once I'm there and doing it I am perfectly fine.

But before I get there. I hate it. I moan and whinge to anyone who will listen, friends and family advise me that I'll be fine and I know I will be but please right now I don't want to go and do those silly tasks. The first one had been to draw ourselves... I can't draw. It was funny and I cringe looking at the picture but it WAS fun once I was there. 

I'm an overthinker and there are so many more important things to worry about so I need to stop the worrying and just go with it. 

It doesn't help that when I try not to worry I then start thinking "What shall I wear?" Argh. Sometimes this brain thinks too much... but seriously what to wear?


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Caribbean Princess said...

Wear something nice! hehe :-)