Tuesday 7 June 2011

Sarah Loves... Podcasts

I have been a bit late getting into the podcast "scene" as it were. I've had to put up with a few in the car when Spurs boy has been driving but I'd never even thought about looking for some of my own to listen to. Soon that was about to change.

Spurs boy likes The Spurs Show (those Harry Redknapp impersonations are funny the first time but maybe not the 2nd, 3rd... 100th time!) and the Chappers one. Then he moves into some finance and politics ones, I don't tend to listen to those ones.

In recent weeks I have found myself listening to;

Football ones

Jillian Michaels Show - I know a lot of people don't like her but I find her informative and funny, also her co-presenter is hilarious with her little comments

Do you listen to any podcasts? I'm still looking for some good film or music podcasts if anyone has any recommendations? (Don't recommend football ones, I have enough x)

It annoys me that you can't subscribe to podcasts on your iPhone and it has to be done through iTunes. I know it's not a great annoyance to have to go and get them yourself. Tiny annoyance!


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