Thursday 2 June 2011

Attention span... zero!

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So I'm on a course and part of the course means I have to pay attention and revise! So why does my mind keep wandering away... ooh airplane... ooh butterfly... ooh an ant! What's happening to me? It could be an age thing or I might always have been distracted.

I decided yesterday as the sun was out that I would take out my books, pad and pencil and sit under a tree. As I sat there an ant crawled over my book and I sat and watched him walk over my book and then my pad and then it walked away. I started reading my book and then a ladybird landed on my shoulder and I then carefully put the ladybird in some nearby bushes. When I got back my pad had blown away and I quickly had to chase it. Do you see how much revising is getting done? Maybe I should have stayed inside!

After rescuing my pad and making sure no other bugs were about to distract me. I got to revising... a little anyway... I had written about a page and my arm hurt. I used to write pages and pages at school and not notice any discomfort and now a page worth of writing was making me wince and flex my hand into a fist. So then I spent some time flexing my hand, and then just reading and another ant decided to take a walk across my book... I then decided I'd go inside. 

As I got back inside I put out my books, pad and pencil on the desk and got back to it. Then the hotel fire alarm went off, I quickly put my head on my desk and sighed and quickly made my way outside. It was just a test alarm, probably another team building exercise...

Then it was dinner time...

Later in the evening I thought I'd get back on with revising and then noticed a HUGE spider (ok maybe not huge but to me it was) on the ceiling. I couldn't concentrate knowing he was staring at me. 

Then I went on twitter... which distracted me for a while too. I'll fit this revision in somehow...


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