Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Going through changes...

Image from HERE

You might notice that this blog has changed. No? Oh well have a look. If you're reading this on your mobile you'll need to scroll down and click on the web version. So what do you think?

The girl in the banner with her longish black hair is the look I was trying to get with my own hair this year. A few weeks ago once my hair got to just beyond my shoulders I decided to chop it all off again and it's back to just below my ears. I'm annoyed I cut it! Boo to me. Plus as Spurs boy noticed the "banner girl" doesn't have thumbs... I have thumbs!

It's not a likeness or an aspiration it's just a girl! *tuts*

I'd been thinking of having a change for a while now and although I loved my other template I saw this this one and changed straight away. I like it and actually if you decide you don't then I'm not that bothered as it's MY blog. Haha!

But you like it right?


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Caribbean Princess said...

I hadnt noticed as I read the mobile version on my iPhone. It looks great :-)