Wednesday 22 June 2011

Listography - Inventions

Kate Takes 5 is at is again with her lists and this one I just had to join in with. 5 inventions that I wish were real... hmm this won't be a difficult task at all I can tell :-)

1. The Peacecake

There's a big argument that cannot be solved or can it? A piece of special "peace cake" (no drugs involved) and all arguments are forgotten about. << I had to get cake into this somehow ;-)

2. The ? button

You know all those moments that have you wondering which is the right decision or should I say which one will work out for the best. Then you hit the "?" button and all will be revealed, you'll see which scenario will work out best or you might choose to go for the one with the toughest challenge. 

3. Weedkiller Button

I waste so much time weeding that could be spent doing other things in my garden like... sleeping. Heehee! I don't see the point of weeds and so a weedkiller button or just no more weeds would make me very happy.

4. Money pot at the end of the Rainbow

Just one rainbow and only I can see it. Don't want you all getting my money! ;-)

5. More time!

No matter how organised I am there will still be things that I miss, forget or just don't have the time to do in a day. Even if I just use that time to sleep, procrastinate or eat I think it's still a worthy use of time :-)

Thanks Kate for another fab listography!


1 comment:

Catherine Holmes said...

All have merit but I really like number two and wish I had hold of one many years ago