Friday 10 June 2011

Weekly Loves

Birthday cake - not mine. But I love to celebrate!

This week has been fab. Totally and utterly fab. Plus it's not even over yet! Exciting stuff. How have you all been? Has anyone had any sunshine? I miss Mr Sunshine. Please come back soon.

I learnt the words to McFly's "Shine a Light" this week, courtesy of my god-daughter and we even got a dance routine (kind of) together and there might be a video.... :-/

Other things this week;

- I had my first stumble using Stumbleupon and I only was supposed to be on there 10 minutes and then two hours later I was still on it. It's addictive!

- You may notice there is now a very cool mobile version of my blog now. A new update from blogger which is very nice I must say :-)

- Ever get tired of our roads and traffic jams? This might make you think differently...

- Want to make today unforgettable? Here are 20 ways how :-)

- Dear Young Me... this is a fantastic blog! Submit your own message to your younger self

I've been to the cinema THREE times this week; Senna, X-Men and Bridesmaids. All good in their own way but the stand out one is Senna. A fantastic tribute to a great driver Ayrton Senna. The film is on limited release so it's pretty hard to find but totally worth it!

How was your week?


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