Friday, 17 June 2011

Weekly Loves

Look a tomato! I've waited a long time to see a tomato starting out in my hanging basket! Woot!

Had a fab week; met up with people from twitter (had the best time), handed in a big project for work (and relax), veggies are growing in the garden (yes this excites me).

Other things I've found this week;

- This website is so cool. Everyone knows "that" Beatles crossing and now look

- I would give anything to be right here right now!

- This is just so cute, I love how in love they are that they don't let go!

- As embarrassing as this is, I have been known to shout similar phrases whilst playing these videogames

- I don't know if I could cope with living somewhere with so much white but maybe I could stay somewhere like this, and have the hammock from the picture outside too? Is that spoilt? I don't care ;-)

I've just finished watching The Kennedy's that was on Sky recently and I know it's on BBC2 now and it's must see TV. 

How was your week?


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