Tuesday 28 June 2011

Sarah Loves... Sleep

Image from HERE (how cool would it be to wake up to that view!)

Sleep. I love sleep. I love my bed.

Everyone is different with how much sleep you need. For me I wake up each morning at 6am without fail. Normally I get up meditate and then get dressed and have breakfast. Recently it's not been the same.

I still get up at 6 to meditate but after I tend to head back to bed for another hour. Unusual of me. Think it's to do with this rotten weather we're having. It's cold, wet and damp but it's light outside! I should be waking up to sunshine not another dark gloomy day.

My body clock is very seasonal. I tend to sleep more at night during the cold, winter months. During the warmer months I tend to sleep less at night but have sneaky naps! Not naps at work I should add but naps out in the garden or just grabbing a quick ten minute power nap whilst waiting for dinner (make sure you put the timer on loud!).

I don't really have a "bedtime" but I need to have about 20 mins of no TV, music before being able to get to sleep. This comes my reading time.

No matter where I am I tend to sleep nearest the door. Not sure why though I just tend to sleep near it. I do prefer a firm bed but I'm comfortable to sleep anywhere. Camp beds and even floors I've had the pleasure to sleep on. I cannot sleep on my back or on my front. Yes I'm that picky. I sleep on my side, I don't have a preference to which side. I do put my hand under the pillow and rest my head on top of the slightly lifted pillow. It's just what I do :-)

Sleep is important. I love my sleep. Do you?


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