Friday 3 June 2011

Weekly Loves

This is my favourite new beauty product. Love it! Lush Tea Tree Water

Being on this course this week has been weird, fun, tiring, thoughtful and a challenge. I'm feeling energised workwise but my body feels way behind and all I want to do is sleep. Afternoon naps are back in my life! They are fab.

Before I left for my course I had the first of our strabbie (strawberry) from the garden. Oh it was just the best! I love them :-)

As well as finding out the wonders of the Lush Tea Tree Water (above pic) as my skin seems to have gone on a major breakout this week :-( It's reminding me of my teen years :-( I have only just realised the wonders of using sudocrem on spots. Oh it's a wonder!

Other things I've found this week;

- Re-writing your CV? This might help you

- Facebook causes so many problems, the chart in this article is really interesting


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