Saturday, 8 January 2011

You are beautiful!

Very few things get me annoyed as I'm a happy go lucky girl but last night and then again today I became enraged by this Kenneth Tong idiot that has hit twitter (unsure of who he is read this). Through this blog I have tried to be a positive influence on those who take the time to read it, and especially young women.

I know whilst this is a tiny blog on a great big place as the interweb but I know through feedback from young women how much they love my blog. Especially my blogs on Operation Beautiful and even my blog this week Chocolate Recovery and Curves.

I would not want to be a teenager at this moment in time, the media has so many mixed messages and it's no wonder that they are becoming confused and then believing into people like Kenneth Tong. His followers are increasing and he's loving the attention that he's getting.

A while ago I had to report someone to twitter over a personal statement made against me. I did however reply first and I felt awful. I was letting them win.

So now I will use the information I had then.


Replies make him think he's winning. Reporting him makes Twitter have to do something! And Mr Twitter you don't want to upset all the people who use your service every day do you? I thought not. 

We are all beautiful... don't believe it? Then I will tell you each and every day.

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EDIT - Mr Tong put a message on his Twitter account today (Tuesday 11th January 2011) to apologise for his tweets and said that it had all been a hoax. It was an experiment to see if he could get fame. 

I don't accept his apology. In my mind you'll always be "famous" for damaging hundreds and maybe thousands of people's lives with those tweets. It only takes one impressionable person to read those messages and the damage is done. No donation or apology can erase those thoughts from their mind. 



drefooty said...

This is an interesting subject. Even my wife has been affected by the perceived standard of beauty and wrote about a bad experience in her own blog here:

I will have to tell her about your entry here and in the "Operation Beautiful" post as they are both very up-building and encouraging. Thought I try to express how beautiful she is, a woman (or person in general) really needs more reinforcement to help with self-esteem and confidence. Your article is a plus in that area helping us to remember that beauty is not defined by some dude's twitter post or a magazine's format.

Thanks for your thoughts and expressions from your blog posts!


Sarah Arrow said...

Thanks for the mention Sarah, If we keep linking to each other and blogging about the right things, we'll come up every time a vulnerable young girl looks for Kenneth Tong instead.

I also would hate to be a teen right now :( and I think we have to fight back and say that's it, enough is enough - how would you feel if this was your daughter?

If we stand together and say it enough times, we'll start to make a difference.

Nickie at Typecast said...

I have considered writing something about him but not sure whether I can bear to mention his name (and give him SEO) on my blog. The subject matter is an important one though.

blissbubbley said...

Nickie, thanks for your comment. I too went through the same dilemma about whether to post but I was so angry about what he was saying. I'm more annoyed (as we all are) to find out it was a hoax (or apparently so).

Thanks again Nickie x