Monday, 3 January 2011

Quite the little shopper...

This Christmas my God-daughter gave me the above mug and tin (the mug came in the tin) and it was the first present she had given me that she had actually herself decided upon, she had no help from her Mum. Apparently she was pretty adamant that she was going to get me this. And....

I love it. What I love also was the card inside the mug that she had written which said -

"I know you love Pooh bear as you have taken me to see him a few times and we had to tell you it was time to leave. You do not like big mugs as you don't like wasting cold coffee when you forget about your drink. I know you like tins to store things in"

3 excellent reasons as to why this present is so very me :-) She's going to be ten this year. TEN! Wow. I already think she's turning into the perfect shopper... can't think who she takes after ;-)

I'm going to see her today as we are having a girlie day of shopping! - I don't do girlie days often but sometimes you have to make an exception! It's time to spend those Christmas vouchers and also eat cake. Yes, I can't shop ALL DAY I have to stop for cake. :-)

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