Wednesday 26 January 2011

A different family history

At school I did enjoy history but I confess I do not know that much about the history of the Royal Family. Yes I know how dare I live here and not know the ins and outs of the most famous family, but I don't. After watching The King's Speech I felt I was suddenly putting it all together more clearer in my head.

I realised I had missed out on asking my own grandparents of the history of the Royal Family, I'm pretty sure my paternal Granny would have enjoyed telling me all about their history. After I saw the film last week I got to thinking more about finding out more and so yesterday I decided to ring Spurs boy's maternal Nan and ask her.

I'm going round for tea and cake on Saturday morning and I have lots of questions to ask her! I also haven't been to Windsor Castle for years so I'm definitely planning a trip back there.

If you haven't yet seen The Kings Speech then you should, fantastic cast. I was crying one minute and then laughing the next, and then in typical me fashion crying after laughing so much. It's just wonderful. Go see!


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