Friday 7 January 2011

Blissbubbley - What's in a name?

A lot of people ask me about where my twitter name @blissbubbley comes from. I admit it's nice to have something original and that is all mine. I've used it now also on my here, tumblr and it's now my internet name for myself. So where did it come from? I'll tell you.

I have my bestie to thank for coming up with the name really, although admittedly it did all happen on a drunken night :-) I can't now remember why we decided to come up on getting me a nickname but anyway the "bliss" part comes from apparently my smile can make others smile and feel happy. A contagious blissful smile.

The "bubbley" part comes from my bubbly personality. It's true most people who have done those "5 words you'd use to describe your friend" quizzes about me use bubbly to describe me :-) and I added the extra "e" as I like bubbles! And so bliss and bubbley got merged and there you go "blissbubbley" was started.

I guess in some ways she's my alter ego. But we are definitely the same person, our characters are the same - blissbubbley is me and I am blissbubbley.

So I have my bestie, way too much alcohol and just general random chattiness that I got the name. But I love it.

Do you have an internet alter ego? 
What is it?
Why that name?

1.I used to be called "Midge" at secondary school as I was the shortest girl in my year. My parents would notice postcards from my friends addressed to Midge... Haha!
2. My bubbly personality is not one of those annoying traits as I know bubbly can be annoying. I'm not overly giggling but when I'm happy I'll be bubbly!


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Louise said...

I got my name "WeeWifie" from my first long term boyfriend... I was 15, my folks had just gotten the internet and I was needing a user ID. He used to call me "WeeWifie" so that's what I chose... and it's STILL my name now... 14 years later. I am THE weewifie on the web!

Wee Wifie means Small Woman in Scots tongue... a lot of folk think it means I'm married, which irritates the hell out of me, but hey - what can ya do! Can't expect everyone to understand Scots slang... especially not those over the pond.