Monday, 24 January 2011

Pin it!

Now I love pinboards, I have several dotted about the home with cards, invites, receipts, photos, recipes etc. So I admit I was very excited when I got sent an invite to Pinterest. This site becomes your virtual pinboard. 

Sites like tumblr let you share photos but that is a blogging platform so this is much more of a social catalogue of things that you like and want to share, a bit like Flickr. I quickly set up a board called Interior Inspiration. People are quickly getting hooked and with an easy log in option through facebook and twitter this really could be one of the biggest things of 2011.

I've seen pinboards of interiors, cakes, recipes, shoes, men... anything. Such a great idea!

As with all new sites, it's under beta testing. So it's invitation only, and I have some. So let me know if you want one, and bring me cake :-) Thank you!


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