Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sarah Loves... Toy Story

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Toy Story is awesome right? I love it. I don't just mean the first one, I mean the second and the third too. There are rumours of a fourth film too, and I'm sure I'll love that one too.

Little man and I decided we would have a Toy Story film marathon on Saturday. He knocked on my door just before 6am with all the DVD's and a big smile from ear to ear. With Spurs boy out for the day at football it was nice for it to be just the two of us snuggled on the sofa watching the films. It did feel a little bit weird to be watching Toy Story at 7am whilst eating coco pops though!

The films never fail to make me happy, I laugh and of course cry. They appeal to all ages and it is good to find things that you can all sit and watch as a family. 

I do find the above song and scene does make me get a little bit lot tearful!

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Favourite character? *thinks*

Buzz. Especially Spanish Buzz!

There is rumoured to be a Toy Story "short" before Cars 2 in the Summer. Surely Toy Story 4 isn't that far off? 

Who is your favourite?


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