Friday 31 December 2010

Looking Forward

Hello all, I bet you thought I'd been abandoning you - I guess in some ways I was. I've enjoyed the past week being away from the computer, although my iPhone was never too far away. Actually I bet you didn't even miss me did you? :-)

So I hope you all had a good Christmas and that you had all been suitably "good" for Santa to bring everything you wanted! How fast has 2010 gone? I'm still getting used to writing 2010 and we're soon to be in 2011!!! I'm not one really for setting resolutions so instead of setting ones that I will break within a few days, I'm going to instead write a list of things I'm looking forward to in 2011;
  • Seeing Kings of Leon at Hyde Park
  • Seeing Take That at Wembley
  • I have a big birthday (apparently) this year...I'm sure I'm 29...again
  • My knee operation - well actually I'm dreading it but I can't remember when my knee felt "normal"
  • Starting my new job (which was part-time with my original main job but will now be full time - I think I just confused myself!)
  • Learning to Salsa (I booked classes for me and Spurs boy without telling him, he knows now though)
  • Decorating our spare room, it's the only room I haven't decorated and I'm excited. GEEK ALERT!
  • The foundations for our house build will go down this year and I hope the outer shell design too :-)
  • Through twitter Little man will have a penpal, this is going to be an exciting year for us and the family in America too. I'm really excited about it. DOUBLE GEEK ALERT!
  • More blogging :-) I also have a new blogging idea, but that might appear at some point during the year ;-)
  • More writing for The Faithful
  • More beekeeping courses :-)
  • I WILL DO MY UEFA A LICENCE! (I'm not shouting I'm just emphasising that I will do it!)
  • And... I'm really looking forward to seeing Gnomeo & Juliet TRIPLE GEEK ALERT!

There's probably lots more and that's the exciting part. Not knowing what the year has in store :-)

So what about you any resolutions or exciting things planned for 2011?

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