Monday 13 December 2010

All I want is you

So if you've been in the UK this past week you will have noticed Coronation Street celebrated it's 50th anniversary. If you didn't... where have you been?

I admit I'm a bit of a Corrie fan, I think this stems from watching it with my Granny and Auntie. If I'm out and know I won't be home in time I kinda panic... umm yes I do. Thank goodness for the itv player and of course the sky+ iphone app.

It was advertised as being the week that would change Coronation Street forever with "Four funerals and a wedding" as the tagline. On Thursday there was even a successful live show to celebrate their 50 years.

So what happened? Here's the what happened on the Monday. (some scenes you may find upsetting, or like me, make you blub like a girl!)

Each episode had me crying and shouting at the TV "SAVE RITA!". In Friday night's last episode I was just regaining some dignity from blubbing again as Spurs boy sat and laughed at me (meanie!) when a familiar song played as they did their ending scenes...


And then the tears came all over again... such a girl! Great song choice Corrie! 

Happy 50th Coronation Street *clinks glass*

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