Wednesday 1 December 2010

Why did I say that?

I know you've all done it. You've all said something to someone and then straight away wished you could take it back. You can't take it back. Those are the words that hurt and you said them to someone you care about.

And that really does hurt. You see when they are close, you know everything about them and when you're having an argument you can use those little titbits against them. Why? I wish I knew. You see because a few week ago I had a row with my bestie and I said something I shouldn't have.


I work with my bestie, she's my Personal Assistant (nickname "dogsbody" - joke or otherwise I'll be in trouble again!) A lot of people warned me about not mixing business with friendship but I ignored them and I still will. We are bloody good at our jobs and even when we might not be speaking outside of work we can differentiate between the roles. That's why I picked her for the job. Also I know no matter what, she's always going to be there for me with work and with life.

My bestie is one for routine and even when we argue I make sure I keep our friendship routine going. For example I'll still buy her breakfast in the morning, text her goodnight, let her have my copy of Cosmo once I've read it etc.

You see it's because I know all these things that I know we'll never argue for long. Sure we know each other's weaknesses but we also know what makes us tick. What keeps us going.

The thing I know bestie loves most is when we go out on a "work night" and have dinner and then hit a club for some dancing. That's exactly what we did a few days after our little argument. The hangover the next day though was bad, but we suffered together :-) I think I might be the best boss ever for allowing this kind of antics to go on I should add!

Rihanna's new song played in the club and I love it, even more so as it reminds me now of me and bestie crazily dancing away to it. Good times. I just need to learn to hold my tongue... *fingers crossed*

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