Monday, 6 December 2010

Lazy Sundays

The recent snow meant that Spurs boy's football match was postponed and meant we could have a super lazy Sunday yesterday. We were at the first of a few Christmas parties on Saturday night and I had got slightly "merry" shall we say! Then I stayed up till 3am to watch some cricket (I've seen more than I imagined I would be able to stay up for!)

I stayed in my PJ's until 3pm. It was heaven. Lazy? I don't care. Then we headed down to the pub, there was no way we were cooking on a lazy Sunday! I love board games so mixing pub time and Monopoly is my idea of a good time. We also had a scrummy carvery roast sitting by the fire. Perfect!

Can all Sundays be like this please?

I lost at Monopoly, Spurs boy got Park Lane and Mayfair and slowly killed me out of the game. The meanie!

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