Thursday 9 December 2010

Christmas Memories

I love Christmas and all the memories that it can bring. The above bauble was given to me by Father Christmas who came to visit my School when I was about six, the bauble was made by his helpers in his workshop (later I found out it was made by some school helpers, one of them was my Mum!) This bauble is always the first that I put on my Mum's Christmas tree when I go to help decorate the tree.

This year I took a couple from the tree to put up at my home;

Me and my brother each got a teddy from our Godparents when we were wee toddlers

Grandma Mouse! She's lost her right eye so that's why it's a side view. I'm going to felt tip on a new one :-)

Haha! My clown! He's super soft and bendy!

The Elf, Snowman and Santa are my favourites. Especially the jolly Santa smile :-)

Not sure where this Sarah stocking came from but was probably made by Santa's helpers....

Anyone remember these? I think you collected petrol points for these from Shell petrol stations.

What's your favourite Christmas bauble?

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