Tuesday 14 September 2010

Sarah Loves... In Treatment

TV Series In Treatment was first shown on UK screens here I was actually myself "in treatment" as they say, mentioned it here. In Treatment is about a psychotherapist Dr Paul Weston and his weekly sessions with his patients. The 5 nights a week series then followed each of his patients visits through each week and the last one of the week would be Paul's visit to his own psychotherapist.
Here is the video to Series One

There isn't a date yet (I don't think anyway) for when Series Two will start over here and I'm really excited to watch it.

I'm no longer "in treatment" but I would have watched this programme anyway. I think the fact that I have been "in treatment" does make the programme more real to me and can understand how those people feel spilling out their lives to someone.

Also Gabriel Byrne is hot :-)

Have you watched In Treatment?

If you have a UK date for In Treatment Series 2 please post it in the comments below, thank you!


GoodbyeBlighty said...

I absolutely love this show too!

I have bad news, there is no date to show series 2 in the UK. Its' such a shame because it really does hold up the high level of drama. There are sessions with a young boy and his parents, a cancer patient (excellent), and old timer CEO, and... a lawyer. Some really great moments. I watched it all online.

Series 3 starts soon in the US and I can't wait to make my daily appointment :D

blissbubbley said...

Will have to have a look online. It's such a shame :-(

GoodbyeBlighty said...

Find it online, it's worth your time!