Thursday 9 September 2010

Dear Mr Car Salesman

 A little rant about buying a car, well...trying to buy a car.

"Dear Mr Car Salesman

I know that as a woman in "your world" that I should not be driving a car that I am not capable of driving. This is a no brainer. I told you that going from a 3 door car to a 5 door car was a big step for me as I had not been driving that long and you seemed to take that on board.

I did not appreciate your need to then ask Spurs boy what he would be happy with me driving. Umm hello *taps foot* I am here you know. Even after Spurs boy had told you to speak to me, you completely ignored that I was there and asked him all the questions that should have been directed at me. 

You completely ignored the customer who was going to drive the car and so I won't be buying or coming back to you. EVER.

I will however take great joy in driving past your salesroom in my new car, sold to me by someone who listened to me"

Rant over. *breathe and release*

Oh and I still haven't picked a car yet but have met some lovely salesmen who have asked me what car I would like :-)

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