Thursday 30 September 2010

Wanted: Huggable Hangers

I definitely want these huggable hangers so that I can tidy buy more things for my wardrobe. I had heard about these hangers before and then whilst watching The Paul O'Grady Show (Yes I watch it) Kylie said that she uses them as she hates wire hangers!

I also hate wire hangers. My wardrobe consists of a mish mash of various hangers, some are plastic ones that I first bought when I got my first place and others are the ones from New Look, Next etc.

Huggable hangers are ¼ ins thick with a sophisticated velvet coating that prevents clothes slipping whilst at the same time protecting gentler fabrics, preserving the clothes shape and yet strong enough for heavy coats.
Perfect! So that means more clothes shopping. :-)

Available from Amazon


The Jelly Monster said...

Dude I read such bad reviews about them :(

I'm an infommerical junkie! lol

blissbubbley said...

Really??? (I think my heart just broke a little)

The Jelly Monster said...

have you seen the bricky?? swear I almost bought dunno what the heck i'd do with it lol

you should get some and see how u get on, I'm sure if they suck ass you could return them

blissbubbley said...

Get you with your hanger know-how!

blissbubbley said...

Already ordered some so I'll let you know!

I googled the bricky, not sure what I'd do with it either