Thursday 2 September 2010

Walkers Crisps Competition - Take One, Pass It On

Now we all love a good competition don't we? Well Walkers Crisps (nom nom nom) have launched a new competition to tie in with the launch of their Extra Crunchy crisps.

The idea is simple; upload a video showing us how you share your Extra Crunchy and they will edit the best ones together so it looks like the bag is being passed from one person to the next. See the video for a demo

So as well as being included in the final video, there are some amazing prizes to be won. If the random edit puts your video next to our golden boy, Lionel Richie (!) they’ll win £1,000! There are also four Sony video cameras for the most creative shares and a free bag of Extra Crunchy for every person that appears in the final video. Cool stuff eh?

For more information all the terms and conditions see Take One, Pass It On.

Good Luck!

The new range of Extra Crunchy Crisps are available in the following flavours:-

Simply Salted
Salt and Malt Vinegar
Cheddar & Sour Cream
Sweet Chilli Chicken
Flame Grilled Steak

Nom nom nom!

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