Friday 3 September 2010

Hot Dad Awards

I got tagged by Carina over at Miss Carina for this. So the idea is to name 5 hot Dad's. But only celebrity ones.

So where to start....hmmm.... Ok...

5.Jude Law

He is a Dad to four children and although his love life has always proved rocky it seems that he always makes time for his children. Everybody say Ahhh!

4.Matthew McConaughey 

I think everyone assumed that he would stay a bachelor but now the Dad to a boy and a girl seems the very happy Father and husband.

3.Brad Pitt

Brangelina have 6 children and that alone is a worthy mention in my Top 5. But this is Brad Pitt and he's just hot as he is. But he's one VERY hot Dad too. 

2.Johnny Depp

He's certainly a quirky spirit and definitely fatherhood has tamed him down. But we love him just the way he is :-)

1.David Beckham

Football legend and husband to Victoria. You can see he totally loves his kids and is a definite proud father.

I couldn't put him in my Top 5 as I don't think of him as hot, but isn't it weird how when a man becomes a Dad he seems more attractive. Even Wayne Rooney. Check out Kai. Adorable.

Moving swiftly on...

I need to tag some people to do this one;

Louise at WeeWifie's World

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