Friday 10 September 2010

McFly... now so grown up!

Who are those lads in the picture above? Surely they can't be the same ones as in the picture below right?

Well they are. McFly it seems are all grown up!

My god daughter is nine years old and she loves McFly. Her favourite thing at the moment is nagging her Mum to get tickets for the October tour (tickets go on sale tomorrow). I'm hoping she doesn't start thinking there's a possibility that I'll take her, although I'm not very good at saying no to her.

I remember when Five Colours In Her Hair came out and we seemed to become McFly crazy over here. It passed me by I'm afraid McFly fans. Although band member Dougie (I had to google his name!) used to come into my record shop a few years ago. He always seemed sweet and wore massive white trainers. It's odd the things I remember!

I don't listen to the radio and I'd seen on twitter that McFly had a new song out and then I saw my god daughter and she kept dancing around singing it. I got the tune stuck in my head! My friend then said "Have you seen the video? It's been banned from most stations". Wait. What? McFly.

Oh my!

I feel old. They were so tiny...

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