Thursday 23 September 2010

The Naughty Step

 Image taken from Kapoww, I so have to buy this top for my friends toddler :-)

I was tagged by Nickie over at Typecast for this meme (I'm still way behind on these but I'm catching up). The idea as the name suggests is to send someone or something to the naughty step. This isn't easy. Not that I can't think of anything but I have too many to choose from!

Erm... Ok.

Nickie put airbrushing on the naughty step which is a very good one and each week there seems to be a new example as to it being used to give a negative body image. *shakes head*

I think for mine it will have to be spam emails as I just got one right now as I'm typing this. I hate them and I pretty much get them every single day. I have a few email accounts and I find at least one spam email in each of my accounts when I do my daily check. These all vary in what they are trying to get me to click on; viagra and penis enlargements are the favourites to send me. Oh how appropriate!

The ones that really annoy me are the ones from banks (whom I don't have accounts with) telling me my online account needs checking - Oh does it? Well that's lovely. DELETE. Paypal fake ones are another. DELETE.

My spam filters are set really high and yet they still creep through. Also they are just embarrassing, one of my interns was showing me an email and she quickly blushed and became flustered when a email stating "Thanks for joining our dating site" came up on outlook. She hadn't obviously signed up but they are just embarrassing and annoying.

Right I'm just off to go DELETE some more emails. 

Now I need to tag some people for this meme;

Of course anyone else can join in, just send me a comment below with your tag as I'd love to see it :-)

Sorry I realise this comes across a bit ranty. Oops!

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