Wednesday 22 September 2010

Is twitter a distraction?

I love Twitter but it does affect my working week and make my productivity at work slower. I've found I'm actually working harder due to the distraction of Twitter, but do I mind?

I don't mind at all. In fact I'm more than prepared to stay longer in the office...Hang on a minute. What the...?

Of course I could stop using Twitter? NEVER gonna happen, so no point even mentioning that idea. 

I rarely now go on any news sites, I use twitter as my instant source for news and gossip; although some of it I don't trust unless it is from an informed source. Then there are my Twitter faves, the people I speak to every day and they are from all around the world (I admit I forget about the time overseas when I say Morning and Goodnight!). There is a great Manchester United fan community on there too and it's great to share games with them all (again all around the world). 

Yes I have to make up for the time I spend on Twitter, I don't like to stay longer in the office so I will just have "a switch off twitter and get everything done spasm". It works!

I guess I'm lucky I no longer have a boss, although there are people at my office who I actually would switch off tweetdeck on my computer for. But who am I kidding they know that I'm on it all day so not sure why I hide it? Now that I have interns I should be setting a good example; rather than tweeting, emailing friends, looking at Kickette shouldn't I?

But why really when I still get all my work done and get to share in the great world of Twitter. 

Do you find twitter a distraction?

Of course that's when twitter works unlike yesterday


GoodbyeBlighty said...

Twitter is a great source of wasting a few hours. I have this weird thing where I read all the tweets on my dashboard so I have to limit the number of people I follow.

It's really awesome though, I even met up with twitter people in real life!

blissbubbley said...

You can definitely get lost in twitter :-)