Monday 6 September 2010

How big is yours?

Mine is pretty big but it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

My music collection that is. Some of you are pure filth. But I still love you!

Music is an important part of my life. I've never really been able to play any instrument, although I can play a few things on the piano and recorder (giggles - I hated the recorder but yet can still play it).

Growing up I remember visiting family and friends and looking through their music collections. Always out on display for all to see, they say a lot can be found out by going through someone's music collection.

Now they are no longer on display, music is now stored mainly on people's computers and iPods. I still have music out in our living room but there is so much more stored on my computer. My iPod is no longer big enough (capacity wise obviously) to hold all of my music. It now seems likely that I will need to buy a Apple iPod classic 160GB - Black.

So how big is your music collection?
Do you have lots of CD's/Vinyl?


Steve Morton said...

I got rid of my LP collection some time back, but most of it I have on CD anyway. I still buy CD's sometimes cheaper than downloads.

My music collection is fairly big, 350 albums 160 artists, takes about 20GB of space up on my iMac I'm currently using a 60 GB iPod which I have owned for about 3 years.

I'm considering getting the new iPod touch most probably the 64 GB. I also store my photo collection on my iPod as well.

blissbubbley said...

That is a lot of music!

I think I might need to go through mine and edit some stuff before it becomes un-manageable!

I think storing photos on iPod's is a great facility too. I've got a few family videos on my iPod too.

Thanks for reading Steve :-)

GoodbyeBlighty said...

I bought an external HD because my collection of TV shows and music was getting unmanageable. At last count I have 34gig of music and 640(!!!)gig of TV shows.

I only have a 16g iPhone and I rotate music around a lot.

blissbubbley said...

That is loads!

I can imagine you have to rotate a lot. When do you leave Waq?