Friday 29 April 2011

Weekly Loves

My two favourite things - chocolate and percies :-)

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, it was really nice to have four days of sunshine and I think we managed to have a BBQ every single day which is top work if you ask me!

I've been re-watching old episodes of No Angels this week and loving it. Spurs boy has never seen them before and he's even been liking them, although I think it's because he has a crush on Lia!

The whole world seems to be stopping for a wedding. Are you getting married today?

If you've not eaten enough Easter eggs then Hotel Chocolat have got their 50% offers on, hurry before I scoff the lot :-)

I saw Fast Five - if you like your action films then this is a winner. Absolutely loved it and definitely the best of the series. Don't leave the cinema too fast though as there's a major hint about No6 which now I can't wait for! Vin Diesel (although his nose is wonky up close) and Paul Walker make this film even more watchable ;-)

Hope you're all going to be doing something fun over the 4 day weekend, enjoy!


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