Friday, 22 April 2011

Weekly Loves

Nom! I should add these are not the mini eggs that fell on the floor that I mentioned on twitter. These were from a brand new bag!

Hasn't it been lovely to have some constant sunshine this week? Well here in the UK we have and hopefully it will stay across the Easter weekend too. I'm now off work till May 3rd. With 4 bank holidays coming up it seemed silly not to take the break from work.

Bad things about the week -

1 - Manchester United have been poopy. Mega poopy. Must stop the poopiness!

2 - Dropping a bag of mini eggs off the arm of the sofa whilst flailing my arms about at how much No 1 bad thing was being poopy. Mini eggs roll far away when dropped :-(

3 - Yes I know it's sunny and people are happy to be working when the weather is nice but the binmen don't have to be so loud in the mornings. I don't mean the carts either but them shouting at each other at 6am in the morning makes me grumpy and not because I'm trying to sleep either. They ruin my meditation time. Inconsiderate! ;-)

I'd recommend those who have hayfever to get the hayfever jab. I had it last week and despite catching a cold (atchoo) I've had no pollen related problems. Which is quite apt with the bee stuff :-)

Other things I've found this week

- If you need to organise your wardrobe ready for all those Summer clothes or just generally have a clear out. This will help you get in the right direction

- Thorntons Chocolate Liquer

- Some advice for William and Kate before the big wedding

This song has been stuck in my head since hearing it earlier in the week. "Said Whoo, baby, said Whoo"

Happy Easter everyone!


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