Friday 8 April 2011

Weekly Loves

My beehive... well no not actually "mine" it's actually a community beehive

Did you know I'm mad about bees? Well now after my beekeeping course I'm now looking after a beehive with five others. We officially get our hands on the hive next week, I am very excited! I'll write more about the bees and my course soon on my blog.

This week I had a 3 day (ish) trip to Madrid which was of course to see Spurs play Real Madrid and I'd told persuaded Spurs boy that he could go if it was a holiday. So we went and I drank far too much sangria, ate far too much food and even found time to say "Oooooo" and "wow" at the architecture. I'm a bit of a architecture lover! The match was bad... no not bad... just everything that could go wrong... did. Oops!

- It will soon be Monday again. I like this way of preparing for Mondays

- I'm missing Mad Men and upset I might have to wait a whole year for a new series. But these Mad Men inspired Mr Men covers made me smile

- When you're in London you need to know where to get the best cupcakes - this will help you 

- I want to try these Peelable Smirnoff Bottles 

- My new favourite jewellery site

- Are you a good listener or enjoy gossip at work... have a read of this 

- My hayfever has kicked in. :-(

It's the school holidays for two weeks here so that means Little man needs entertaining and I'm hoping the weather stays nice... better than nice actually. Perfect days would be nice.

What about you? What have you been up to?



givingmewings said...

The jewellery is fabulous!! I love the turquoise stuff

blissbubbley said...

Glad you like it!

matita said...

A beehive! That's so cool! =) I confess I'm a bit scared of bees but I love the

Sorry to hear about the hayfever. I hope it gets better.

And thank you for the mention! I really appreciate it.=)

blissbubbley said...

You're welcome! x