Thursday 21 April 2011

Listography - 5 Things I Hope People Say About Me At My Funeral

I'm a bit potty about lists... have you noticed? And I'd spotted a few blogs taking part in Kate Takes 5 Listography series so I thought I'd give it a go. This week's one is "5 Things I Hope People Say About Me At My Funeral". 

Ok then. *gulps*

1. "Who gets her football memorabilia?" (yes I know some of you are after it already and don't think I haven't spotted some of my friends putting post its notes on the backs of some of my frames!)

2. "She snuffed it after eating how many cupcakes?" (I like to think I will snuff it happy!)

3. "This is the first funeral I've been to where the song Fame by Irene Cara has been played loudly in church" (I love that song!)

4. "What beautiful flowers" (Yes I love flowers so no boring flowers, lots of lovely gerbera's -tasteful though!)

5. "Such a good buffet too, are those prawn vol au vents?" (I love a good buffet and I'm particularly partial to a prawn vol au vent!)

So there's my five. If you head over clicking the pic above you can see all the other Lists and even join in yourself. This was slightly weird but fun!


1 comment:

Kate G said...

Pity you won't be there to enjoy it all! Thanks for joining in - great to have you on board. x