Tuesday 26 April 2011

mypure Review: Acorelle Epilation

The second of my mypure reviews is for the Acorelle Epilation Oriental Roll-on wax with strips - Lemon and cane sugar. I think the thing everyone should realise before any waxing is that it will be messy. If you do not like it when you get jam on your fingers and have to wash it off straight away then home waxing is not for you.

It's not that the application itself is messy but you have to clean up after use so be prepared for it being a bit mucky. As for the roll on it's pretty simple to put together and the instructions are simple to follow, removing the parts of the roll on top is where it gets messy but I have warned you! 

The wax goes on well and the strips are not too flimsy that they fall apart after one use. Other things is of course that it will hurt, different times of the month will affect your pain threshold. I found that the waxing lasted about 3 weeks and noticed that my skin was also smoother too. I would definitely buy this again as it was quick and simple to use. 

mypure deliver worldwide (postage charges apply) and they pride themselves on organic beauty products. The website is easy to use, you'll be emailed promptly with your orders details and when it has been despatched and the delivery is quick. 


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