Friday 15 April 2011

Weekly Loves

My Dad and Stepmum visited this week and they had a few little gifts for me. I love Snoopy :-)

Manchester United beat Chelsea... sorry I'll say that again Manchester United beat Chelsea... tra la la la la. Oh how wonderful the world is? But it is isn't it? 

I'm hoping the sunshine is back this weekend as it's been cold, wet and windy the last few days and I want to get back out into the garden again. Some of my produce is soaring now, the chillis, peppers and rocket are well on their way. The little herb garden I've started is also coming along too. There is still bits of the garden I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this year, there is still time to decide of course.

Other bits I've found this week;

- I work quite a bit from home, do you? Apparently it's becoming the norm

- What is your drawing like? Mine tends to be stick people and just doodles. So what about these drawn in ballpoint pen!

- I'm going to see Scream 4 over the weekend. I still remember I saw Scream 2 with my Dad. He always tells people how much I jumped... and now I've just told you all too :-)

- I found a new pet peeve this week after going to a meeting and having to listen to someone talk through their nose. I wanted to hand him a tissue. Urgh I can still hear the voice now... but not actually anything he said. Pointless!

How was your week?


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