Thursday 7 April 2011

Remember the milk!


My time is incredibly valuable to me and I love lists but with that I don't lists littering the place and confusing everybody and mostly me. So I was told my bestie to try the Remember the Milk app. I love it!
Here is why I love it;
  • I can select tasks for each day and schedule them for whenever I need them and can put them on repeat. For example I have "Put the bins out" on Tuesdays and have scheduled that to be repeated every two weeks. Perfect!
  • It syncs with my calendar so I can see upcoming birthdays/anniversaries and when I need to buy gifts/new outfits :-)
  • Reminders can be sent by email, text and on twitter!
It's really self explanatory and easy but the best part is you can give tasks to others through your contacts. Spurs boy has been working a fair bit from home recently and I have been known to send him a few tasks through it. He's also sent me a few too and it's definitely making us a bit more organised.

There is an online version with apps for the iPhone and android. 

Only one problem... I always seem to forget one thing... milk. DOH!


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