Thursday 14 April 2011

Capture Memories

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There are so many ways to keep hold of memories, writing a diary and even a blog, taking photos,things you have posted on facebook, even your iTunes. Recently I wanted to get some of system to remember which books I had read.

Sure I can look at my bookshelves to see what I've read but I've now got so many books on my iPad that I just wanted to catalogue them all together. Also it would be nice to have a list of all the books I wanted to read so that when I go into a book store I have some kind of direction rather than buying some books and then remembering all the ones I should have bought. Doh!

So I was introduced to Goodreads which can list all books you want to read, those you have and also give a rating and a review. It's also great to follow authors on there and find out when their next book will be out. Yup totally addicted. The iPhone app is handy too. 

I was also reminded by a twitter friend about Get Glue that can keep track of TV programmes, films etc. I downloaded the app ages ago but hadn't done anything with it. Time to get myself organised!

Memories are important!


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