Thursday 25 November 2010

Man flu and Dan Carter

 Purple Dawn in Seberang Perak, Malaysia - How beautiful is this picture? I've just ordered it in canvas :-)

This blasted cold has in fact turned into MAN FLU! Urgh. Run away and save yourselves, this is just not pretty. I struggled into work on Tuesday only to go through the some what embarrassing task of being told by your boss "I think you should go home" and me standing there trying to explain "But I feel ok though" as I coughed, spluttered and sneezed into my tissue. So I went home.

I decided I would try and sleep but turns out that everytime I tried to sleep either my phone beeped (then I switched it off) or there was someone at the door or Spurs boy would pop home to check on me (whilst crashing into the bedroom furniture - bless him!). Sleep wasn't working.

So I crawled, yes actually on my hands and knees to the sofa. Grabbed the iPad and noticed an email from my bestie called "THIS WILL CHEER YOU UP"

Intrigued I opened it and noticed a link to a youtube video.

I'm sorry what was he talking about? I got all lost by the beautiful man with the beautiful accent. Oh the boots? Nah. They are yucky. But Dan Carter is yum!

I did feel better. There's also a whole range of videos on the adidas rugby Channel which has loads of videos, I especially liked the ones "Inside The Black Jersey"...

Oh you dirty lot ;-)

Spurs boy did bring me cookies though and after a few more (hundred) viewings of the video I felt happier. I had yesterday off so plenty of time to re-watch the video get better. 

And to those that think it's kinda rude for me to talk about Dan Carter in such light because of Spurs boy we have a deal that if I meet Dan Carter (and don't die of shock!) then I'm allowed to date him and SB can date Honor Dillon (Carter's fiancee). :-)


GoodbyeBlighty said...

Okay, so I kind of understand why you'd watch the video but why did I just watch the video?

(it didn't do anything for me, I swear)

blissbubbley said...


Waq... You're so vain.... Hee hee!

blissbubbley said...

Glad you enjoyed the video :-) Hope you had a fab thanksgiving! x