Thursday 4 November 2010

Desert Island Discs Meme

 This photo is unrelated to the meme, I just liked it. M'kay?

I was tagged by Louise here to to do this Meme where you pick 8 pieces of music that you would like to have on a desert island, and a book and a luxury item.

I thought I would head to my iTunes most played songs list as these are the songs that I most listen to and are the ones that I would listen to again and again. My Top 8 are;

Staind - It's Been A While 
(Apologies for the swearing!)

I was surprised that this was my MOST PLAYED song I knew it would be in the Top 10 though. This is my angry music time for when I need to just shout out.

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere

I did a post earlier this week on Fleetwood Mac and I wasn't surprised this song was high up the list.

Powderfinger - Burn Your Name

I have mentioned Powderfinger a few times across my blog and this song is the song that Spurs boy chose of their stuff for our mixtape (yes we have a mixtape)

"Gonna burn your name right across the sky,
So I never forget what the feelings like.
I want every single soul to know,
That I love you for what you are.
So I sound the bells that praise your precious heart"

Irene Cara - Fame

This is my favourite happy song. It's actually "my song" you know the one song that instantly makes you feel happy? Yep this is mine. Reflex was made for me and Fame!

Billy Joel - It's still rock and roll to me

Wow. I...umm...didn't think this would be in here. Moving on...quickly...

I really love this song!

Ocean Colour Scene - The Circle

I just love this song. Nuff said.

Kings of Leon - Arizona

The song just gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. It's probably my favourite KoL track. Just booked to see them at Hyde Park for next year. Cannot wait. 

Muse - Time is running out

I love Muse. Did you know that? I even loved Muse before Twilight.

If I could have had more than 8 they would have been;

Lifehouse - Hanging by a moment

Prince - Purple rain

Paul Weller - Brand new start

The Temper Trap - Love is lost

Crowded House - Fall at your feet

My book would be The Lord of the Rings trilogy book. I haven't read them since I was a teenager and I would love to again. What better place to read them again than on a desert island?

My luxury item would be a notepad and pen set. I have to be able to write stuff down wherever I am.

I would have picked for my luxury item my iPhone but thought that would be a bit too obvious and then I could take more books with me, more music, use the notebook on there, tweet etc

I have seen lots of bloggers doing this at the moment so if you haven't had a go then do and drop a comment below with the link to your meme as I'd love to read it.

Enjoy :-)

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