Monday 22 November 2010

Time for The Ashes

The Ashes starts this week and I want to be able to stay up and watch it all but that's seriously gonna interrupt my sleeping pattern as coverage starts at 11pm here. I think my morning routine will involve meditation and then a cricket catch up! What a way to start the day :-)

There is of course no Freddie :-(

I still get goosebumps and spine tingles watching the highlights from the 2009 Ashes win. :-)

I'll try and stay up when I don't have work the next day though. I love cricket, although it's always weird to watch it at this time of year. Especially as there are reports of snow fall in areas of the UK this week. 


Also I'm hoping that my cold is gone by the time The Ashes starts, so this is a double countdown :-)

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blissbubbley said...

Have you been able to see much of this series?