Wednesday 17 November 2010

The Walking Dead

And before you ask "The Walking Dead" is not about what I look like in the mornings... no wait... maybe.

No actually "The Walking Dead" is an American TV series which is about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. I'm not exactly one for horror or scary stuff, my Dad still remarks on when we saw Scream 2 at the cinema and I kept jumping through it *sigh*.

I admit I have been peering round a cushion at times as there are some really gruesome scenes in it. But I really like it. The special effects are also really good and it's just been signed up to make a second series. YAY!

On the official website you can do a Survival Test for what kind of survivor you would be - I was ranked as YOUTHFUL SIDEKICK; Young and exuberant, you're always ready to volunteer for perilous assignments like scouting for supplies and rescuing other survivors. While you fully understand the danger, you still get a thrill from the experience. You form tight bonds with your fellow survivors and are intensely loyal to them.


Just don't watch it before you go to bed okay? I've had one zombie related nightmare and it obviously was not pretty :-(


GoodbyeBlighty said...

Such a great show. Gets better with each episode :)

Have you heard of/read the comics it's based on? There are spoilers all over the place on the internet :(

Becky said...

I watched the first ep of this last night, really enjoyed it! Must watch more!