Friday 12 November 2010

The Big March on Monday 15th November 2010

On Monday 15th November 2010 there is to be a groundbreaking campaign hosted online and will culminate at No 10 Downing Street. Virtual marchers will walk across 60 websites to take a stand against bullying. We are asking for the Government to help to protect children from bullying, violence and harassment.

The march starts at 8am and through the day your avatar will walk through websites such as MTV, Barry M, Orange, War Child and many more. The march will end at Downing Street at 7pm.

The Big March will see avatars of children, parents, teachers and celebrities march together to mark the launch of Anti-Bullying Week. Signing up to create your own avatar is really easy and kinda cool as you get to decide what it looks like. You get to create your own placard too.

To create your own avatar please click here 

For those that don't want to do the march or are outside the UK you can also support by following them on twitter and facebook. ALL SUPPORT COUNTS

For more information please see the beat bullying website.

Also for those aged 11-25 you can sign up through the site to become a CyberMentor

I've signed up for the march and I hope to be marching along with you on Monday :-)

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