Monday 8 November 2010

Bad sleeping habits

I've somehow got myself into a bad sleeping pattern and I'd blogged recently about being a good sleeper (that's karma). I wouldn't mind really but it's making me feel lethargic and I feel stressed about things that I shouldn't normally be concerned over.

I wake up at 6.15am EVERY DAY I think it's been programmed in to my body to be awake at this time. I'll get up and do some yoga and meditation and then get showered and dressed for the day. My problem lies with what time I go to sleep, it's now always after midnight so at the most I get 6 hours. 

6 hours at most is that bad?

I know there are a lot of theories about how much sleep you SHOULD get and for a few weeks I've been putting down my tiredness during the day to my lack of sleep. So at night time when I should be sleeping I have been laying in bed worrying that I'm not asleep and knowing what time I'll be up; I dread it. 

So I've changed my game plan. I'm not going to worry about when I go to sleep or wake up. I think the worry that I NEED to get 8 or whatever hours sleep is making me feel... well....crap. So I'm going with a more positive attitude and so far (started Thursday last week) I feel much better through the day. 

Just by not worrying. Who knew?

I even have found my body clock has started to adjust a little. I'm such a little worry pot!

Actually my friends know I worry almost constantly. I wonder if I can put this positive attitude into me as a whole. I hope so!

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Doonytime said...

I love my sleep, and it really doesn't take me long.

I rarely worry; with the attitude of "there's nothing I can do now anyway; wait til the morning!!"

Is that a healthy attitude? At least I wake up fresh and ready to tackle another day.