Friday 22 July 2011

Weekly Loves

Taken with instagram... yep still addicted!

I was given this flower pot two months ago from my Mum's friend and back then it was all foliage and no flowers. After a few weeks there was no buds and I was starting to wonder if I had been given the wrong pot. But then suddenly flowers! Everywhere! Beautiful tendrils of colour over the pot and I'm de-heading (that sounds so cruel) so even more flowers are coming. Beautiful! I just have no idea what flowers they are... *writes on to-do list to find out*

Things that have made me smile this week;

- After a New York apartment like in Sex & The City then maybe read this first :-S

- I came across this by accident as I'm not an avid reader of Men's Health but this is pretty informative and I'll be trying out those tips in the future!

- Analysing dreams. I love this

- After a garden but you have barely any room... try this idea :-)

- As the Harry Potter series is now at its end, it's time to look back at Hogwarts. Love this!

Lastly I probably should not like the following video but I do. A LOT!

Have a fab weekend!


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