Friday 15 July 2011

Weekly Loves

I am very much addicted to instagram :-)

Instagram is very much my new obsession. I love the effects that you can get on your photos. You can follow my photo feed on there as I am blissbubbley on there too. Drop me a comment below or follow me on instagram and I'll follow you back!

Coming up at the end of this Weekly Loves is the winner of my Models Own nail polish competition. Very exciting!

This week I learnt the hard way that leaving a bag of cola cube sweeties by the window in the sunshine can lead you to have a cola cube smoosh. I nearly wept when I realised where I had left them. I then waited for them to harden again and bashed at them with a hammer. It was very therapeutic! But probably not recommended! Oops!

Manchester United are back!!! Well nearly. Pre-season is back. Not long now. :-)

Harry Potter is over. Went to the midnight show just hours ago and it was really good to see it but also I felt a little sad for it all to be over.

Other titbits this week;

- If this was proved to be durable then I would definitely get one - Cardboard Vax Vacuum Cleaner

- Ever wanted to make your own compost bin? Here's how. Sadly I think the sexy husband isn't part of the package *ahem*

- I love this, made me chuckle; The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle

- This might have bugged you for years; How to make an Elvis sandwich

Also I really want to see this;

So now to the winner of my competition, I loved reading all the quotes that people had put down and I've randomly drawn out of the hat -

Kate Verrier

I'll be in touch for address details and thanks again to everyone who entered. I might do another soon. Just thinking of a prize! 

Anyway hope you all had a good week and have a fabulous weekend!


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