Tuesday 19 July 2011

Listography: Top 5 Bands I'd Like To See Live

Another listography from Kate Takes 5 and this is one I jumped at doing; Top 5 Bands I'd Like To See Live -

This is going to be fun, possibly expensive but nonetheless fun :-)

1. Coldplay

Seeing their recent live performances has very much made me want to see them live. Also Chris Martin has got serious arm muscles... Nice! Rumours they will tour later this year might have me checking all updates on their website daily... I'm like a stalker!

2. The Beatles

Yep The Beatles. Well we know this cannot actually happen :-( but I'd have loved to have seen them. I'm pretty sure I'd have been heavy into Beatlemania had I been around back then. Kinda annoys me that I wasn't. I feel like I missed out. Big time.

This could actually be the closest thing to it... not quite sure what I make of it though :-S

3. Nirvana

This would also have been awesome. Truly awesome.

4. Queen

I would have love, love, loved to have seen Queen. For now I'll make do with their Live at Wembley Stadium DVD and singing along in my front room.

5. Andrea Bocelli

Ok so yes not a band but I would love to see him in concert. Watching him sing on TV I get goosebumps and could even shed the odd tear at times. I am pretty sure live I'd be completely mesmerised. Also if he did this version I'd be a hopeless wreck ;-)

What would your Top 5 be?



Katetakes5 said...

Yep like that list alot - though I do find Chris Martin a bit of a pain in the wotsit... Thanks for joining in. x

Anne Laukirbe said...

Hi Sarah. I'm another one that would've loved to have seen Queen, and the Beatles.

Anne @ Domesblissity