Friday 1 July 2011

Weekly Loves

Christmas in June. Taken with instagram

Yes that's right. Christmas in June. As Simon and Erin from Never Ending Voyage were home and they missed Christmas celebrations last year. It did feel slightly weird to be celebrating Christmas on the hottest day of the year but :-)

Other bits from the week that I found;

- My new favourite blog

- Thinking of writing a book? Not sure where to start? This might help you

- I have only just come across this website I might be slow with finding it. But it saves all those moments when you watch a film and need to find out the song in it. Not looked at the iPhone app yet. Has anyone else got it?

- I'm still very much addicted to stumbleupon. I spend a few minutes a day on there...possibly longer :-)

Hope you've all had a good week


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