Tuesday 5 July 2011

Harry Potter geek

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I've always been a Harry Potter geek ever since reading the very first page of J.K. Rowlings books. I was hooked. When the films started to come out, this made me ever more of a geek as I was sure in another life I would go to Hogwarts (it's better than coming back as a pig or something isn't it? No offence to pigs!!)

With the final part to be released next week I have a mixture of excitement and also sadness that the series will come to an end. There is also the decision as to whether I will go to the cinema and watch the films in order at a discounted price, although I think I will just go and watch the first one. I still get excited watching the first one when I watch it at home. 

I've also booked to see Part 1 on the Thursday night and then Part 2 at 00.01 on Friday 15th. Yup that geeky :-)

Are you a Harry Potter geek?


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Limo Hire said...

yes i don't know about others but i am definitely Harry Potter's biggest fan and you know what i have read all the blog about it, and i am simply waiting for 15th anxiously!!